About Us

About company

Presented on the Czech market since 2011.

We are the team of professional hairdressers providing the hair care services in BEAUTYSHAPE salon in center of Prague. Our clients is our key priority, therefore we are always trying to offer the best quality. We strongly believe that proper hair care begins with the right product selection. Looking for the right keratin for our clients, we spent a lot of time.

Keratin materials tested in practical work.

We were testing Cadivu Brasil Cacau products for more than a year in our salon to make sure that our clients and hairdressers working with it will appreciate its high quality. In our BEAUTYSHAPE hair salon we do annually apx 15,000 services, of which the Brazilian keratin is one of the best appreciated by the clients.

Another advantage of Cadivu Brasil Cacau is that, you do not have to change your colors supply or anything else in your hair salon. Just add one extra service for your clients to ensure healthy, smooth and beautiful hair. Based on above we decided to become the exclusive importer of Cadive Brazil Cacau for the Czech and Slovakia.

Working with a high quality product is a pleasure for both the hairdresser and the client

Our goal is to make keratin application available for other hairdresser salons, so it’s not just about delivering professional products to your salon, but also training hairdressers on product application.

We will be glad, if you decide to start cooperation with us.