Brazil Cacau Eco Keratin Kit (3x1L)

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Brazil Cacau Eco Keratin Kit (3x1L)

Brasil Cacau Reconstruction KIT (3 products)

Set of products: Anti Residue Shampoo 1000 ml + Brazilian Eco Keratin 1000 ml + Deep Conditioning Mask 1000 ml. Professional packaging.

How it works: Brasil Cacau Keratin acts through a mixture of acidic pH components, which, when combined with iron heat, straightens hair for up to 4 months.

Only for professional use in the salon.

1. Anti Residue Shampoo – 1000 ml

Deep Cleansing and Restoring Hair Keratin, Cocoa and D-Panthenol The alkaline pH (9.0) shampoo deeply cleans and opens the hair preparation cuticle for Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction.

How to use: Apply thoroughly to wet hair and massage gently. If necessary, rinse and repeat the process.

2. Brazilian Eco Keratin – 1000 ml

Smooth effect and hair enhancement Keratin, cocoa and D-panthenol Natural smooth and shiny hair without frizz

How to use: After washing your hair with Anti Residue Shampoo, dry your hair by about 80%. Divide the hair into 6 parts and use the brush and comb to apply the product from the roots of the lower strands. Blow dry the coated strands with cold air whenever two are completed. Repeat this process on the remaining springs. Divide the hair into small strands and iron with a smooth hair straightener 6 to 10 times from the roots in the middle of the strands and 3 to 6 times at the ends using the indicated temperature for the hair type. Rinse thoroughly and apply Deep Conditioning Mask.

3. Deep Conditioning Mask – 1000 ml

Hair Hydration and Frizz Elimination Keratin, Cocoa and D-Panthenol Maximum Hydration, Frizz Reduction and Smoothing

Provides maximum hydration with reduced frizz while increasing hair smoothing.

How to use: After applying Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction, rinse your hair and apply the Deep Conditioning Mask, massage it well. Leave for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse if necessary.

Precautions: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct light and keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use.


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