Plástica de Argila Revitalizing Shampoo 500ml

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Plástica de Argila Revitalizing Shampoo 500ml

Shampoo enriched with hyaluronic acid and panthenol, to clean and nourish the hair. Professional packaging up to 33 applications


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Revitalizing shampoo with anti break action for fragile and brittle hair. Plastic Cadiveu of Revitalizing Shampoo clay clean the wires and scalp removing impurities, restores and gently moisturizes the region, leaving it healthy while adding shine in length.
The formula of Plastic Cadiveu clay Revitalizing Shampoo is powerful and unique. In addition to all the above benefits, it still acts as anti-aging, gives body and controls oil. Hair is deeply recovered and revitalized, gaining density, strength and hydration. So in addition to clean and conditioned, its wires fail to break easily, getting tough without losing the beauty and natural touch. Yields up to 33 applications.